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Transaction Services

  • Proposal and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Site Selection: Purchase and Lease
  • Contract Negotiations (Sales, Lease, Vendors)
  • Commission Participation

Property Search Services

Availability Study 2

  • Establish the client’s project geographical parameters.
  • Prepare a comprehensive availability study (market survey) with map.
  • Tour available locations with end user.
  • Assist the client and client’s end user with qualifying and shortlisting of top 2 to 3 alternative locations.

Alternative Property Analysis

  •  Revise the availability study and map to indicate the shortlisted alternatives, forward to client and end-user.
  • Prepare and negotiate landlord lease proposals (or RFPs) for:  1) Existing premises renewal and 2) Shortlisted alternatives
  • Assist the client and end user in selecting a primary and a fallback location(s).
  • Solicit from prospective landlord(s) completed draft lease agreement(s).

Lease Negotiation

  •  Review and provide JFA Real Estate comments to the draft lease agreement(s).
  • Coordinate lease comments (business and legal points) with client, client’s legal counsel, and prospective landlord.
  • Assist client and its legal counsel with negotiating the landlord’s final lease agreement.
  • Prepare and distribute to client and its counsel the JFA lease approval form (“LAF “), attaching a final lease to the LAF and circulate to client for its internal approval (initials and signature.)

Lease Execution

  • Prepare and deliver to client JFA’s Lease Summary.
  • Calendar all-important document dates.
  • Coordinate with client obtaining and providing its insurance certificate to the landlord.
  • Assist client in obtaining Non-Disturbance agreements from landlord and its mortgagees.

Tenant Improvements-Engineering and Design

  • Prepare and obtain client approval of JFA preliminary space plan.
  • Solicit and qualify design and engineering proposal(s):ArchitecturalStructural
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Security
    • Audiovisual
    • IT
    • Furniture
    • Signage
    • Assist client in negotiating and awarding design and engineering agreement(s).
    • Review and provide JFA Real Estate comments to the draft design and engineering agreement(s).
    • Assist client with the design programming, schematics, design development, construction drawings and coordinating construction administration of the new premises.
    • Solicit and negotiate interior design proposal(s).
    • Assist client with establishing material and finishes criteria.
    • Estimate/budget construction soft costs and hard costs.
    • Assist client in obtaining landlord’s approval of design drawings.
    • Assist design team with obtaining all necessary governmental approvals and construction permits.

Tenant Improvements–Contractor Negotiations

  • Solicit and negotiate general contractor proposal(s).
  • Solicit draft general contractor agreement.
    Review and provide JFA Real Estate comments to the draft general contractor agreement.
  • Coordinate final draft general contractor agreement with client and client’s legal counsel.
  • Obtain landlord’s approval of general contractor and insurance requirements for general contractor.
  • Ensure contractor provides all necessary insurance and indemnity requirements to client and landlord.

Tenant Improvements–Construction Managementpasadena-02 (8)

  • Develop with landlord and general contractor the sub-contractor’s required qualifications and establish the invitation to bid list.
  • Ensure subcontractors provide all necessary insurance and indemnity requirements to landlord.
  • Coordinate with general contractor the preparation of JFA’s Construction Bid System.
  • Assist client with review, negotiating, and awarding of the general contractor’s subcontractor contracts based on JFA’s Construction Bid System.
  • Prepare and periodically update JFA Project Team Roster.
  • Revised the estimate/budget of project costs.
  • Schedule, notify, and lead weekly Project Team Meetings.
  • Enact JFA Project Team Meeting Minutes.
  • Establish and implement JFA’s RFI (Request for Information) procedures and log.
  • Establish JFA’s No Change Order Rule and JFA’s C.O. procedure process if change order(s) are needed.
  • Develop JFA Project Team Schedule to be updated and distributed at each Project Team Meeting.
  • Regularly solicit Value Engineering ideas from Project Team Members.
  • Coordinate with Client and Project Team the furniture design, procurement, and installation (systems, case goods, files, seating, specialty items, etc.)
  • Coordinate with client and Project Team Information Technology Systems design, procurement, and installation.
  • Coordinate with client and Project Team Telecommunications Systems design, procurement, and installation.
  • Coordinate with client and Project Team Audio/Visual design, procurement, and installation.
  • Implement (independent of the client’s internal AP system) JFA’s Vendor Billing and Payment Request Verification and Tracking System.

Move–In Logistics Management

  • Assist client with solicitation, negotiation, and awarding of packing and moving company proposal(s).
  • Assist client with landlord freight elevator scheduling for move-in.
  • Establish, coordinate, and distribute to the landlord and project team the Notice of Completion.
  • Established, coordinate, and distribute to the landlord and Project Team The Notice of Completion.
  • Assist client with move-in and establishment of vendor delivery policies and procedures.
  • Assist client with solicitation, negotiation, and awarding of our work proposal(s).
  • Assist client with solicitation, negotiation, and awarding of interior plant foliage proposal(s).
  • Assist client in obtaining all vendor project completion “Closeout Packages Close Quote (warrantees, equipment specifications, etc.)

Project Wrap Up

Mercy 8th Floor Interior 1 LG

  • Assist client with soliciting, negotiating, and awarding vendor service agreements.
  • Verify Vendor Final Billing and Payment Request, obtain all lien releases, and approve release of all 10% Retainage amounts.
  • Assist client in documenting final project costs and preparing written request to landlord for release and payment of landlord tenant improvement allowance(s) to client.
  • Assist client with audits of the landlord’s future operating expense escalation statements.
  • Assist client with providing landlord with future insurance certificates.
  • Assist client with JFA review and approval of future landlord estoppel certificates.
  • Help with future client/landlord relations.